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Material Handling Products at Substantial Savings...

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SSI Material Handling Products save our customers up to 20% over what they pay to the big supply houses

If you need more help than what you can find in a catalog or online, Service Storage is the right company for you. We specialize in coming to your business, learning about your needs and specifying the exact solution for you. No more guess work or getting product that “just wasn’t quite” what your needed!

We work with over 100 different suppliers, many here in Ohio. And if we can’t find it for you, we work with talented local businesses that can make it for you.

Automated Systems - Carousels - vertical, horizontal, VLM, ASRS
Air Bearing - Heavy movement systems, turntable, pallets
Benches - Work, electronic, heavy duty, special, assembly
Containers - Plastic, steel, wire, small parts, bulk, dumper, corrugated
Conveyors - Belt, roller, portable, monorail, lineshaft, controls
Cranes - Boom, bridge, jib, portable, stackable
Chairs - Folding, fiberglass, workstation
Dock - Boards, bumpers, levelers, lights
Doors - Impact, roll up, bug, rapid rise
Drums - Handlers, stackers, racks, tilts, carts
Fences - Wire mesh, gates - swing, sliding, overhead
Hoists - Power, chain, gantry, sling
Jacks - Stabilizing, Hydraulic
Ladders - Rolling, tank, platform, steel, aluminum, fiberglass
Lockers - Assembled, kits, multiple, heavy duty
Manipulators - Zero gravity, hydraulic, vacuum lifts
Mezzanines - Modular, free-standing
Offices - Modular, in-plant, outside, assembled, kits, portable
Pallets - Wood, steel, plastic, corrugated
Racks - Pallet, bar stock, drum, die, cantilevered, pallet and carton flow systems, drive - through, roll - out, mobile, push back
Shelving - Steel, wire, wood, mezzanine, high - rise, modular, special
Software - W.M.S., RF, voice, installation, training, hardware
Tables - Adjustable, hydraulic, die, lift, cafeteria, scissor, ball top
Tools - Storage systems, drawer units, holders, carts

Contact us today to discuss how these products can benefit your operation and schedule a site visit to one of our customers in the Cleveland/Akron area.

CODE HINT: number six, uppercase "R", uppercase "F"

CODE HINT: number six, uppercase "R", uppercase "F"